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We have a presence on Gabriola dating back almost a century that gives us a sense of history, as well as the rich history from the beginning of the United Church of Canada formed by union in 1925.  History is nice, but we go forward by looking ahead.

We strongly believe that all of Creation is valuable, and from that deep conviction has come our concern for social justice and a rather liberal, hopefully progressive, theology.  We try to look to the future with the same hope and dedication as did the small prairie congregation where universal health care concepts were ignited in Canada many years ago. 

At Gabriola United Church we are able to ask any question without fear of reprimand.  We can question biblical writings, religious and political authority, and even whether the founder of the Christian church was a person or an inspired movement of enlightenment.  We delight in studying these concepts in respectful community.  But we aren’t just about studying and learning.

Our faith doesn’t stop at the church door. Gabriola United Church folks are also active in non-church related activities and use their talents outside the church in the local and wider communities. They enjoy life and enjoy sharing their joy, as well as their challenges. We are not alone.

Albert Reed

Past Board Chair

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